Eastern Pacific Properties Sdn Bhd (231849-P)

EPPSB was incorporated on January 6, 1992. It became a subsidiary of EPIC Berhad on June 3, 2002. EPPSB was established to explore new opportunities in property and real estate management to supplement EPIC Berhad’s core business.



Development Activities: EPPSB is involved in property development and investment.

Real estate management: The company provides property and real estate sales, management, hospitality and recreation services.

Oil & Gas related activities: EPPSB supports the oil & gas industry by providing rental and services of rotating equipment, building, operating and managing bulk storage tank, as well as mud plant facilities.


Contact Information

Eastern Pacific Properties Sdn Bhd
1st Floor, Warehouse 27, Phase 1,
Kemaman Supply Base,
24000, Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia.
Contact Person: Fuaat @ Fuaad Bin Mohamed Nawawi (General Manager)
Telephone Number: +609 – 863 1058
Fax Number: +609 – 863 4764
Email: eppsb@epicgroup.com.my